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Kho Kho

Kho Kho
1.History of Kho-Kho in India goes back a long way, as it was first started in the state of Maharashtra.
The game has been very popular in the Marathi speaking people.
2. This game, for many years, was played in an informal way. The first edition of the rules, of
Aryapatya Kho-Kho and Hu-Tu- Tu, was published in 1935, by the newly founded Akhil Maharashtra
Shareerika Shikshan Mandal.
3. The first All India Kho-Kho Championships were arranged at Vijay Wada in 1959 - 60 under Kho-
Kho Federation of India.
4.In the year 1982, the game was included as part of Indian Olympic Association.